TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the www.liderplast.eu website

Using the www.liderplast.eu website implies full acceptance of all these terms and conditions. In case you disagree with our conditions, you have the option not to use our services. 


This is the official website of LIDERPLAST’S company. The content of this website, texts graphics, images, software, logos and other materials presented on the website are protected by the copyright law and are the property of LIDERPLAST company. Any of the site’s material may not be reproduced or modified without the written consent of LIDERPLAST’S company. The users who reproduce or modify the materials of this website will support the consequences under the Romanian laws and international treaties of the copyright rights. Any possible litigation that may be the subject of this website will be solved by the authority of the jurisdiction of courts of law in Romania.

Rights of use: 

Those who access this website/web have the following rights:
- explore the content;
- reproduce, translate or use the published information only by quoting the source
- copying or printing some materials only for personal purposes and not for commercial goals, but also introducing links in your own pages that direct the users towards www.liderplast.eu website. 

When the links are contained in commercial or advertisement websites there will appear a new window for viewing the www.liderplast.eu website. 

Regarding the using of the personal data, LIDERPLAST company, as owner of the www.liderplast.eu website shall undertake to keep the information’s confidentiality provided by you when accessing and filling in the electronic forms on our website. LIDERPLAST company protects the collected personal data and assures the users that this piece of information won’t be disclosed to third parties, only by law circumstances. The personal information may be used by us only for the services and products associated with LIDERPLAST company, such as: 

- processing of the applications
- handling of requests, questions or complaints made by you
- elaboration of the market studies, research of the products and services market made by LIDERPLAST company  
- contacting you (including by post, email or telephone) regarding our services and products offers 

Any conflict that might appear between the company and the customers will be amicably solved by agreement between the two parties. If this aspect won’t be possible, then the Romanian legal laws are applied particular in this domain and the conflict’s solving is of the Romanian courts competence. LIDERPLAST company may change any time the Terms of Use of the www.liderplast.eu website without notifying the user. The users will permanently have access to the using terms and conditions in terms of our services. Therefore this piece of information may be consulted at any time. 

Complaints Solving

The deadline for settling a complaint is 30 days from the date of its receipt.

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