Roto creates value

        The main goal of ROTO’s company is to offer its clients a much better quality when it comes to their houses windows and doors. In order to achieve this aspect, ROTO is permanently developing solutions which intelligently combine the safety, the energy saving and the house’s comfort.

       In terms of the worldwide hardware technology the ROTO name is synonym with the complete, innovative and secure solutions, which were developed by the best constructors and engineers.

      However in order to assure a continuously success on the international market a few assets are needed, such as: experience, trust, curiosity, determination, imagination, creativity, knowledge and ability. Only when all the above mentioned assets are accomplished we can state that value has been created. 

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Locking points 

E - Pressure on the gasket 
 P - Safety and pressure on the gasket 
 V - Safety, pressure on the gasket longitudinal adjustments 
Sistem NT de siguranta



 • Additional locking hook;







 Safety lock from OL;







 • Additional locking with two mushroom points;







 • Mushroom head roll;







 • Handle with key;







 • Magnetic contacts for alarm.