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Ornamental PVC & Aluminum Panels - LIDERPLAST


Paneluri PVCPaneluri AluminiuCatalog paneluri ornamentale:
catalog paneluri ornamentale din PVC si Aluminiu

LIDERPLAST company produces the full range of decorative panels – simple, 3D panels and panels with stainless steel insertions. Depending on the glass package as well on the different ornaments that the client may choose, the production of the panels can be personalized.  
The doors manufactured with our panels may represent an architectural design due to their shapes, wood colors, etc

PuncteStrenghts forte ale panelurilor PVC LIDERPLAST

• the panels are manufactured with raw materials from the European Union;  
 Liderplast company produces panels with thicknesses between 10 – 78 mm; 
 our company is using RÖCHLING and ONGROPACK foils;
 the adhesives used in our production are KLEIBERIT (german) and APOLLO (british); 
 the polystyrene is extruded (XPS), from the European Union and depeding on its thickness and composition, the thermal insulation coefficient can reach up to 0,7 W/m2K;
 for the laminated colors the reinforcement is done with HDF, 4 mm, HOMMANIT Germany,  both inside and outside; 
 the reinforcement is done with HDF, 4 mm in order to reduce the expansions and avoid the  panel’s bending;   
 the reinforcement made with HDF increases the panel’s safety to the burglary and it can also be plated with 1 mm steel sheet and the glass can be either anti burglary or bulletproof.