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Insect screens - LIDERPLAST

Insect screens

Fixed insect screens

The insect screen is installed on an aluminum frame and it is gripped on the joinery with PVC clamps, which are fixed and cannot be opened.
The dismantling of the insect screen is done easily and doesn’t require special training. The main goals of the insect screens are to prevent the ingress of the insects and the impurities carried by the wind.
The maintenance of the insect screens is done easily. Monthly it is recommended the removal of the dust with a brush or vacuum.

• Insect screens on hinges

The insect screens with hinge’s system manufactured by LIDERPLAST comany have aluminum frame and are qualitative. These insect screens are installed on the exterior side of the window and the opening is outward. 
The insect screen’s closing is done by using a system composed of one or two locking points operated with handle from the inside. 

The main advantages of the insect screens on hinges are: 
during winter these can be easily removed and reused when necessary (in this way it increases their life time)
easy to handle and maintain


• Insect screens - roller shutters type de insecte tip rulou

This insect screen system matches perfectly to those windows where the access is a little bit difficult, because the operation of the screens is done with a lanyard

The insect screens – roller shutters type are manufactured with aluminum box and sliding ways, the screens being of carbon fiber resistant to the weather bad conditions and sunlight.
These can be easily lifted up and descended by using the lanyard, the system being endowed with mechanism against accidental lifting.

In winter or whenever it is necessary, the insect screen can be lifted up in the box without beeing necessary to dismantle it. The sliding ways and the box are designed not to affect in any way the joiner’s design.