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Aluminium exterior & PVC interior sill - LIDERPLAST

Aluminium exterior & PVC interior sill 

  ALUMINIUM exterior sill

  The aluminum exterior sill protects effectively near the window’s area against the frost and against the ingress of the water and dirt. 
  The aluminum exterior sill plays an important role by contributing to the overall efficiency of the insulating window. 

Characteristics of the aluminium exterior sill:

the widths are between 75 mm and 360 mm; 
the sill’s thickness is between 1,3 mm and 2,6 mm depending on its width; 
the exterior sill’s thickness increases exponentially with its width;  
it is installed under the frame, on the profile (this in case when the joinery is installed in the same time with the sills); 
it can also be installed directly on the frame’s profile (if the joinery has already been installed). 

Strenghts of the aluminium exterior sill:

The lateral locking elements (solid plastic covers, UV resistent) prevent the deterioration of the masonry’s plastering on the sill’s extremities; 
All aluminum exterior sills are painted in RAL colors in an electrostatic field. 

  PVC interior sill

  The PVC interior sill plays an important aesthetic role by complementing the window and it also serves to the wall’s protection. 

  Characteristics of the PVC interior sill: 

  being made of PVC, and having a cell structure it provides with high resistence over time to the sunlight, protecting in this way against the buckling; 
 it has widths between 150 mm and 600 mm; 
  the PVC interior sills are available in over 50 colors or wood imitations. 

Strenghts of the PVC interior sill:

It highlights the finishes and the interior design; 
High resistent to humidity, high temperatures, scratches, etc;
asy to maintain due to the finite layer.