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Vertical blinds

Because of their varied design and of their sun protection shading effect, the vertical blinds represent an interesting option for the customers. The vertical blinds are commonly used both for your home’s decoration and shading but also for the shading of the offices, commercial centers, hotels, restaurants, etc. Depending on each space design’s where the vertical blinds need to be installed, we can recommend you the fabrics and shades which suits your home. 

Horizontally blinds

The aluminum horizontally blinds play an significant role when it comes to a modern interior design. The horizontally blinds provide with protection against heat, and in the same time allow the light adjustment through the lamellae surface’s orientation. In terms of these blinds we can also find a great diversity of models and colors indicating that the customers have many choosing possibilities. The horizontally blinds are destinated not olnly for the aluminum and PVC windows, but also for the wooden windows. 
They are distinguished by their design and long service life. The particular attention towards details allow us to perfectly harmonize the blinds with the windows. 
Advantages of vertical and horizontally (no matter if we are talking about fabric or aluminum):
 material’s high quality;  
 long life time; 
 easy maintenance; 
 easy to install; 
 adjustment to any space/area; 
 they can also be used for the trapezoidal window’s shading (including the attic windows, that have atypical forms but are not finding themselves in inclined plane); 
 different types of opening and gathering of the fabric lamellae allowing the required handling; 
 the possibility of combining the fabric lamellae of different colors and textures on the same rail, allowing to create the desired chromatic environment; 
 the possibility of replacing the stained or damaged fabric lamellae or all of them if the customer wants to redecorate the space and chooses another color or texture;  
 the blinds can be elegant and modern; 
 wide range of colors and qualitative materials; 
 easy and quick handling with multiple possibilities of lamellae’s gathering;
 motorization and automation possibility; 
 the vertical blinds ensure both sunscreen and a modern and elegant design.