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SC Liderplast SRL is producing insulating glass package with two or three glass sheets of different dimensions with diverse phonic and thermal insulation properties. The glass we are using is produced by the most important manufacturers, namely - SAINT-GOBAIN and GUARDIAN. 
Regarding the raw materials that are used for the insulating glass package, LIDERPLAST company is colaborating with the leading suppliers from the European Union. 

By using the insulating glass package we obtain various advantages:

decrease in terms of maintenance costs; 
entirely elimination of cold areas nearby windows and doors; 
winter brings a high intake of sunlight and heat through the glazing; 
in summer there is the possibility to obtain a significant protection when the heat penetrates from the outside; 
phonic insulation.

The production of the insulating glass package is made by sealing two or three glass sheets, separated by an aluminum glassbead spacer, that has small holes on the interior part filled with silica aerogel – this is composed of small dimensions granulas acting like a sponge which  adjusts the humidity between the glass sheets. 

Not only the gaseous medium between the two glass sheets, but also the  distance between them plays an important role. In order to reduce the energy losses there is used a rare gas, such as Argon or Kripton between the glass sheets. 


Glass types used in the manufacturing of the insulating glass package:

Float (clar);
Low-e (low-emisivity);
Control solar;
Duplex (anti burglary);

The insulating glass package represents the result of the combination of different glass types with different security, transparency and thermal transfer properties.


THE ORNAMENTAL GLASS or MATT glass is obtained through the sandblast process or through different striations on the material’s surface. In most of the cases, this type of glass is used for the doors. Each model provides with a different level of obscuration, ensuring privacy without sacrificing the natural light. The ornamental glass may help you to create the impresion of a larger space, and in the same time offers the possibility of personalization. Our clients can choose from a wide rage of ornamental glass designes.