GEALAN Joinery

Tamplarie VEKA The general GEALAN’s concept is basing upon the below mentioned directions:
   The profitability and the development of the GEALAN joinery which focuses on raising the company’s value;
Clients and markets that focuses on the orientation of the business GEALAN joinery;
  Angajații reprezintă motorul succesului GEALAN;
  GEALAN employees are the success engine;
  The suppliers represent a partnership for the mutual success;
  GEALAN’s vision is guiding after following motto: quality indicates a long term trust; 

 • The lastingness of GEALAN’s joinery represent an commitment for the generations.

Please find below the available profiles systems for the GEALAN carpentry (Click on the desired profile system)

GEALAN S8000 Joinery 6 chambers 74 mm

Tamplarie GEALANTamplarie GEALAN

GEALAN S8000 Joinery 6 chambers 74 mm 

System`s characteristics:

 Life time :
      - 20–45 years for white colour;
      - 10–30 years for colour.

 Insulating glass package with two or three glass sheets;
 Wide range of colours;

      - PVC profiles 5 years;
      - ROTO hardware 2 years
      - Glass 2 years

Thermal insulating coefficient Uf = 1,1 W/m2K
Phonic insulating coefficient up to 47 dB 


canturi Optimized for the dry sticking of the glass on the sash, STV (static dry glazing). 
coeficient Thanks to the geometry with 6 chambers and the great thickness of the frame (74 mm) and the sash as well of the median flexible gasket in front of the frame, the thermal and phonic insulating coefficient is very good. Value Uf up to 1,1 W/m2K. 
adanacime Suitable for three glass sheets having the thickness up to 52 mm (STV®54 MM). 
vitraj Phonic protection, the profile system S8000 reduces the noise up to 47 dB. 
garnituri Intelligent concept of gaskets with three sealing plans.
pereti The improvment of the thermal insulating coefficient is possible through the use of the foam technology.
culori Multiple colour shades with Acrylcolor, Unique properties – verified quality – high reflection.