Aluminium joinery

The research, projection and the technological applications of the Aluminum joinery are finding themselves in the middle of the CORTIZO development and expansion strategy. Actually its development department has projected until now over 50 exclusive window systems.

Aluminium joinery
Aluminium joinery



Please find below the available profiles systems for the Aluminum carpentry (Click on the desired profile system)

CORTIZO with thermal break

Aluminium joinery with thermal breakAluminium joinery with thermal breakAluminium joinery with thermal break


The windows, sliding doors and the doors that are manufactured with the CORTIZO aluminum system with thermal break. 

Strenghts of the CORTIZO system with thermal break: 

•  long life; 
•  consistency in time usage; 
•  stability on long term; 
•  consistency to large dimensions; 
•  low weight; 
•  originality by forms; 
•  different colors through RAL painting, bicolor possibility, wood imitation painting, antibacterial painting, anodized; 
•  the thermal transfer coefficient is between 0.9 W/m2– 1.6 W/m2.

Characteristics for CORTIZO system with thermal break:

  This system has three chambers; 
  The exterior and interior chambers are from Aluminum ; 
  The intermediate chamber is made of plastic (polyamide), aspect which allows the removing of the metal’s thermal conductivity. This solution is consistent with individual homes, providing with a very good thermal and sound insulation, and not the last offering high resistance against environmental factors up to a period of 50 years; 
  One of the many advantages of the Aluminum joinery with thermal break referrs to its easy maintenance, in time the colour remains unchanged, and the painting is done in an electrostatic field; 
Our unlimited colors palette is also offering special architectural possibilities; 
  The expansion coefficient of the Aluminum doors, sliding doors and windows is very low in comparison to those made ​​of PVC; 
  Another advantage of the Aluminum – windows - sliding doors and - doors with CORTIZO thermal break represents the glazing up to 65 mm depending on the CORTIZO profile system that it’s used.