LIDERPLAST factory from Cluj Napoca, Romania activates on both, the internal and external Aluminum and PVC joinery market for almost 10 years. During its activity the company has constantly invested towards the factory’s development and automations becoming in this way a leader on the Aluminum and PVC joinery market. LIDERPLAST company offers its potential clients a wide range of services, such as: exterior doors, PVC and Aluminum joinery, ornamental panels (simple, 3D and with stainless steel), shutters, roller shutters, accessories, etc. The massive investments were directed towards the production of exterior doors, LIDERPLAST being specialized on this segment.

Our products

PVC joinery

The exceptional quality of the products from the portfolio among with a set of strong values build around the notion of partnership and responsability maintain VEKA on the position of mondial leader of the PVC profiles industry destinated to the windows and doors production.


Exterior doors

LIDERPLAST company is a producer of Aluminum and PVC joinery. The factory’s production is directed not only to the external market but also to the internal market – Romania. Also LIDERPLAST is a market leader regarding the production of the Aluminum and PVC exterior doors. The company’s sales...


Feronerie ROTO (en)

The main goal of ROTO’s company is to offer its clients a much better quality when it comes to their houses windows and doors. In order to achieve this aspect, ROTO is permanently developing solutions which intelligently combine the safety, the energy saving and the house’s comfort. In terms of...

The company’s main activity domain is the production of Aluminum and PVC joinery. Right from the beginning of the company’s start-up, its management has constantly invested in the factory’s development throughout automations, permanently improvement of the production processes, and nevertheless various trainings for the improvment of the personnel’s vision. The massive investments towards these directions were ment to help the company to achieve a certain level that may satisfy almost all client’s requirements.
Company’s vision: the quality – price report of all products and services must be realistic and define the client’s request.
LIDERPLAST’s range of products: Aluminum and PVC doors and windows, exterior doors, simple panels, 3D panels and panels with stainless steel, sliding doors, lifting sliding doors, roller shutters, shutters, insect screens, accessories, etc.